Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Fun Weekend

It was hot this weekend but that was to be expected at the end of July. We went to the lake with Emily and Jason while Bootskitty stayed home. Kendall had a blast...Jason is one of her favorite people. He played with her, held her on his lap while they both slept, in Kendall's mind, a perfect arrangement. We were able to spend some quality time, just hanging out. It won't be long before we will have a baby to tend to while we are doing stuff. We went out for a late breakfast, which was suprisingly, very good. It was a Shoney's breakfast buffet. I used to love to eat at Shoney's but it seems like lately breakfast buffets all taste the same and that isnt exactly complimentary. But this was different it was good. And then we walked around the outlet mall to a few stores before going back to the condo for the hottest part of the day. The guys napped, Emily and I talked. Then we went to dinner and played miniature golf. My husband and I tied, which means we both aren't very good. But luckily for us, Emily and Jason aren't much better. We had fun anyway. Then after golfing we stopped at Andy's for a straw-ana. I had been craving one. Since I'm pregnant can we call it a pregnancy craving and I can have another one soon? And then, after the baby is born, maybe she'll want one...hmmm....for now we can say pregnancy craving although I must admit, if there is opportunity to stop at Andy's, I want a straw-ana, pregnant or not! Ok, so back to our weekend. We finished off the weekend by lounging around in our PJs and visiting Sunday morning before we all headed home. All of these "lounging" times, included games of fetch and wrestling with the dog. She thought it was great.

Now the weekend is over, it is supposed to be a rainy week, and I have a ton of "froggy" projects to do for work, so I guess I should consider shoes......

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