Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just when you think there is a bargain

I thought I had found a great bargain on some cloth diapers. A lady had them listed in her garage sale for last weekend, however due to work I couldnt go to the garage sale. So I had emailed her and she responded on Monday night that she still had the diapers (about 100) and would sell all she had to me for $50. Seemed like a really good deal considering some were all in ones and such (look on ebay, those things are expensive!) So I replied and told her I would take them, asked her when would be a good time to come by and so I waited to hear from her so that I could go pick these up. Three days later....I still haven't heard from her. I really wanted to get those....hmmm....wonder what happened. She may have figured out she could sell them on ebay and get more for them, who knows? I just think it would be nice if she would respond and let me know that I should plan on getting diapers elsewhere or that she just wasnt going to be home in the evenings this week for me to come by, whatever the case, I hate it when I think I've found a good bargain and it disappears!

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