Thursday, July 3, 2008


Ok, so I didn't really have visitors, I just dreamed I had visitors. But it was very vivid and seemed real. Neal had gone to work and about 730 I heard a car outside (remember this is a dream). Kendall was barking and so I got up and peeked out the shutters to see if there was someone here. There was a convertible in my driveway with a couple named Pierre and Eva (I have never met these people, but they had names) in the front seat. Then I looked in the backseat. Pa and Granny were in the backseat. I rushed to the closet and threw on clothes, trying to find something that would fit and I could get on quickly before they decided I wasn't awake and left. Then Kendall and I rushed outside while Boots rushed into hiding. I was very excited to see my grandparents, to show them my house and to talk about the baby. Granny was so excited. And Pa was able to get up the stairs quickly, moving more like I remember him when I was 5 instead of closer to when he died. Ok, so for those of you that don't know, Granny and Pa are my dad's parents, Granny passed away 8 years ago, Pa passed away 7 years ago, so a very strange dream. And who exactly are Pierre and Eva??

I also dreamed about going to Yellowstone but the people I was with wouldnt get ready until about 5 pm when we had a 3 hour drive to get into the park. It was making me mad cause I wanted to see things in daylight not in the dark. I ended up abandoning everyone else and just going myself.

And I wonder why I'm tired sometimes when I wake up....I'm a very busy sleeping person!

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