Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Independence Day Fun

Spending the fourth of July with my parents allowed us to have a busy, fun-filled day. The boys (nephews, husbands, father) all did some fireworks during the day. Mom and I helped them some but then the guys took over. Boys with explosives, a scary thought, but I've never seen them having so much fun. Our best friends also joined us for the holiday, and although we don't have pictures of it, we had fun with stuff other than fireworks. We played croquet (not real sure how you actually spell that), badmitten, made s'mores and visited a while. Once my oldest nephew figured out how to light things, he was more than willing to help his brother. The youngest only lit smokebombs, with assistance. Suprisingly the only burn from the weekend is on my pinky and looks nasty, but it had nothing to do with fireworks. Bacon grease splashed on me while cooking breakfast. Our evening activities went unphotographed. The family went to a friends house for an incredibly cool display, while my husband and me and our friends went to watch a small town display. Jokingly we said we could watch from the cemetary. When we got there, that seemed to be the thing to do, so we sat next to Daisy D Davis, who had lived to be 102 years old, but had laid in that spot since the 70s. We sat at the edge, trying to be respectful. There were people there that were using tombstones as places to hold roman candles and other fireworks they were setting off. We found that a little odd. It was a great day, I only wish we'd had more time. And I had to add teh bottom picture because it was just so darn cute. If only we could all have the look of wonder of a child!

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