Friday, December 17, 2010


No, I dont remember a thing about Christmas 1979, but I'm sure it was great.  But I do know that it was Christmas eve that year when Lady came to live with us.  Being my first Christmas, I always kinda thought of Lady as my dog, although in all honesty she was everyones doggy.  It was I think 16 years later whenever she died, a great pet, that just showed up one Christmas Eve.
 Lady and Peanut and Peppy (and me and my baby)
Tara and Lady with her puppies, spring 1980.  See me in the background...that might be why I dont remember Christmas 1979, I was only 3 months old!

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Tara said...

wory jean (i don't think i've ever tried to spell that!) was also in the background of that dang, i was a darn cute kid :-)