Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Do you remember?

Do you remember that Christmas when....? You fill in the blank. Emily is enthralled with the neighbors inflatable M&Ms and lights and so we drove around the subdivision the other night just to look at lights. She was oohing and ahhing very appropriately made me think of two things. One when I was little we went to Branson I believe to look at the lights and we weren't ooohing and aaahing appropriately and in fun we started overexaggerating. Well, fast forward several years to when Blaine was about Emilys age. He would go ohhh ohh ohh aww aww aww and sounded a lot like a monkey. And I started thinking about all those wonderful, fun Christmas memories and thought I'm gonna try to do something during December, but I'll need your help. I want to post a favorite memory every day during December, but they don't all have to be mine. Here's your chance to share without creating a blog all your own. And along the way, we'll make many more wonderful Christmas memories! (but hopefully without the word blizzard anywhere in this years memories!)

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