Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Do you remember when there were only 4 tv channels and people actually sat down as a family to watch the chosen evening programs?  Ok, so do you remember tv in the early 80s?  I wasnt much older than Emily whenever I remember watching the holiday cartoons...you know the evening when Garfield's Christmas, Snoopy Christmas and the Grinch were all on the same evening and if you didnt watch it that one night, you missed it altogether for the year.  Well, when Emily was watching the Grinch last night, (ok so really it was just on the tv and she was playing, but it was at least something I wasnt worried about her repeating!)  I remembered those cartoon nights.  Before it started I would go to my bedroom and get all my stuffed animals that corresponded to the show.  So with Garfield and Odie and snoopy and any others needed for teh night I would watch cartoons.  And getting them all situated with me before they began was my biggest concern for the night.  Wouldnt that be nice again??

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