Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas traditions

My family hasn't ever had too many traditions, at least not what I'd call traditions. Growing up, we always got together with all our grandparents and cousins and it was a lot of fun. But there is one tradition from my childhood that stands out, and it almost embarrassing to admit how long this went on. Let me go back and start at the beginning for those of you that didnt know me back then. Until I was 7, Tara and I shared a bedroom. And I have to say, I never remember believing in Santa Claus, he was always just something fun that went was used to help us celebrate Jesus's birthday. But we had a rule. Mom would always put one gift for each of us under the tree shortly after the tree was up, but we didnt want any more presents put under the tree until we were in bed. So Christmas Eve would come and we would go to our bedroom and listen to Christmas Eve On Sesame Street, the original one, with Mr. Hooper. Yes, we had the record...which we recorded onto a cassette. So every year as long as I could remember we listened to Christmas Eve on Sesame Street as we fell asleep on Christmas Eve. When we moved into the house, we had our own bedrooms, which we loved 364 days a year, but Christmas Eve was different. So we would go into Tara's bedroom on Christmas Eve and listen to Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. As we got older, there were definitely no attempts to get us to believe in Santa (although my dear father has tramped over the roof and shown red lights many a Christmas), Mom and Dad would simply tell us they were going to put the presents out and if we didnt want to be up when they did it, we needed to go to bed. So we would go to bed, in Tara's room, and yes, turn on Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. Sounds sweet doesn't it? Two little girls wanting to spend this special night together? Ok, so the semi-embarrassing you want to know when this tradition ended? I believe 1999 was the last year, as Tara got married in the spring of 2000, and from that point, I became the elf, helping mom put presents under the tree. Now if only we could find that same Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, with Mr Hooper, for our kids to enjoy. (although Emily would be disturbed because I dont think Elmo was on it at all!)


Mom said...

Hey, I found this cassette the other day! The house is a little crowded now days, but I'd be happy to set up a tent in the yard and you can sleep in it and listen to Christmas Eve on Sesame Street if you like!!!

Tara said...

Does that mean when she comes down for Christmas you're making her sleep in a tent?lol I knew where she was going with this as soon as i saw, its embarassing to admit how long this went and at one point, i had the movie on dvd but blaine never really liked it.