Sunday, December 5, 2010

Do you Believe In Miracles?

December 5, 2001

It was my senior year of college. Blaine was a little over a month old. I had finished classes for the day and was talking to mom on the phone when her call waiting beeped (to this day a major justification for call waiting). It was Daddy saying he'd been in a little accident but was fine, however he was going to let them take him to the hospital. Look at the above pictures and you can't help but wonder how anyone could walk away, albeit walking rather slowly, away from this. In my opinion, it just proves that there really are angels watching over us. I remember I beat the ambulance and my mom to the hospital that day (it took me less than 5 minutes to get there) not really knowing what condition I'd find Dad in. He said he was ok, which basically meant his jaw was ok where he could talk, but beyond that every bone in his body could have been broken. Mom followed the ambulance in to the hospital and when he got there we got his stuff and called work (which by this time he was really late and they were wondering where he was) and the dr checked him out. Dad introduced us all to his new guardian angel, then explained his old one had left after the wreck. So they sent him home, telling him he'd be fine in a couple days. Yeah, so he couldnt even get out of his chair and had to wear a jacket so someone could lift him out. Now, for those of you that remember 2001 in my family you'll remember that Tara and Rodney and Blaine were living with my parents, trying to get their trailer moved. You'll know that I eventually had to leave college for Christmas, and so that equals LOTS of family togetherness. Rodney was the only one that ever left to go anywhere because Tara was on maternity leave, Dad couldnt move, and Mom has always stayed at home. Add a two month old colicky baby in there and you've got a memorable Christmas! I remember Christmas eve, I crawled in the wellhouse and hooked up electricity for the trailer, dug lines to bury something, working diligently so that Tara and Rodney could move out of Mom and Dad's house! And that Christmas eve morning, I cooked breakfast in my dutch oven, in the front yard. It was yummy. And most of all I'm thankful to still have my Daddy, even if nine years later he still has tons of back pain.
Traditionally the 5th of December hasnt been a very good day. Everybody remember my friend Emily in your prayers today too, because it was 7 years ago today when she lost her Daddy. And enjoy your family and friends as you celebrate this Christmas season.

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