Monday, December 27, 2010

Busy Busy Christmas

Christmas Eve:  We had our Christmas with my sister and her family and my parents.  Emily got a baby doll...which she played with a little, but it wasnt allowed to use the stuff she got for her favorite baby.

 Emily with her new baby
 Emily playing with her cousin Blaine. 
 Emily and Blaine...not sure if it were a tea party or putting the baby that fit in the basket to bed.
 Cameron had to beat Grandma playing baseball on the Wii.  Emily was cute trying to do exactly what Cameron was doing.  Later that night I tried out the Wii fit and I'm pretty sure she was better at most of the stuff than I was.
 Cameron had used playdough and left it out and Emily tried it and discovered she loved playdough.  Good thing there was some in her stocking!

Christmas morning:  A shopping cart, kitchen and tricycle were sitting out waiting for her when she got up.
 Kendall had to check out the shopping cart...she weighed too much and it tipped over.
 Her baby got a carseat so baby has somewhere to sit whenever we go somewhere.s
 There was one present that was stuck back under the tree.  She had to practically crawl under there to get it out.
 Kendall said Christmas was tiring and laying in front of the fire felt good!
 Grandpa had to identify every item Emily pulled out of her box of food and dishes.
 Kendall and Emily had to have a tea party while Emily was wearing her jammies and new pants she got at GGs.  She got the tea set from a distant relative...completely unexpected and she loves it!

 She had to cook for us. 
 But she got a phone call while she was cooking.
 Isnt this precious?
 Grandmother got her a cork pop gun.  Daddy had to show her how to use it.
She was mesmerized by the light whirly thing.

Can you tell that she got everything she could possibly imagine and then some for Christmas?  I got a spot bot....its the coolest thing EVER!  But it only came with small trial size cleaners and I used them all up already.  You just set it on the stain and push a button and watch it go.  It is also easy to clean the stairs with although I only cleaned one step cause I don't have more cleaner yet.  Did I mention this thing is fun?   And amazingly enough my daughter hasnt pee peed on the floor at all since I got it and so i can't yet comment on potty training accidents.

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas.  I know we did.


Mom said...

Um... that's Emily's cousin Cameron in the floor with her instead of Blaine.

Flying Squirrel Fan said...

you are correct....that would be Cameron and Emily playing with the kung zhu....he's not supposed to be that big!

Tara said...

i was going to correct you on which of my children that confusing because he's not usually the one playing with (oh and you're right...he's not supposed to be that big...i just remembered what he was