Monday, December 20, 2010

A suprise visitor

Hmmm....five days to go, five more memories to share.  There was the presents dance presented by Blaine in 2004.  He saw all the presents under the tree and he could no longer contain himself he just started dancing.  I have a picture of that somewhere.  There was the Christmas I remember opening a gift, and saying "Thank you....what is it?"  It was a timer to put in the chicken house so that I didnt have to go up every night just to turn the light on  (for those of you that don't know, a light in the room generally kept the possums out and it upset me to no end to find a possum had eaten one of my chickens).  And as I'm typing I remember a very distinct December 23 night.  I was sound asleep...I dont remember any sugar plums dancing in my head (what exactly is a sugar plum anyway?), but I was asleep.  Daddy was at work.  I really dont remember if Mom and Tara were still up or if they had just gotten up when the incident occurred.  As I said, I was sleeping.  Soundly.  I hear a crash.  I hear Mom and Tara yelling.  Got my attention.  I rolled over (never have been one to arouse quickly) and saw what I believed to be Little Friskies (the fluffy cat my family had at the time) running down the hall.  Looked closer....the cat that had just zoomed past wasnt fluffy (granted this was pre-lasik days adn my eyesight was horrendous and I didnt have glasses on).  Did Little Friskies fall in the pond again?  Its kind a cold out for a swim.  Nope.  As my mind awaked more, the squeals began to make more sense.  There was in fact a gray cat streaking through the house, over the shelf of antiques, around the Christmas tree and down the hall.  It was not however, our cat.  Eventually they (I was tired and finding lots of humor in this so I wasnt much help) got the unknown cat back outside.  I dont believe I ever saw that cat again, but it was definitely a funny Christmas memory (I've had some trouble coming up with 25 stories of Christmas, but if you want 25 strange creature stories of things that have wandered into my parents house, no problem!) 


Mom said...

Not sure about Tara, but I think I was also in bed, asleep. I had almost forgotten about this. Seems like this cat may have gone soaring over your head at one point. Maybe THAT was what woke you!!!

Tara said...

i was also asleep...and we ended up finding the cat in the closet BEHIND all my clothes...i ended up cleaning out a closet that night since all of my clothes had to be pulled out to get the cat out!