Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Homemade Ornaments

I have been in debate over what to do for my girls for their Christmas party this year. With ages of 19 months to 26 months, I obviously can't do anything too elaborate, but I want something special that is different than what they do every day. While debating this in my head, I thought, we could make ornaments. They probably would be blobs, but it could be fun, and then I thought, but yeah, they are little and they will definitely think they are food and try to eat it. Then I remembered our secret santa in high school. I think it was national honor society, dont really remember, but I do remember my friend Katy. She received a loved, handmade, cinnamon scented ornament. And yep, she took a big bite. Said it didnt taste very good, then she figured out it was an ornament not a cookie. Not a scene I want repeated in my daycare:) So I think we'll stick with decorating cookies...m &ms, green icing, and tree cookies. Yep, I'll be suprised if any of that actually ends up on the cookie, but hey it will be fun!

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