Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Memories don't have to be older than a few hours.  Today we had our daycare Christmas party.  After much debate over what 2 year olds would enjoy, I figured it out (after all I am around them all the time!)
 The day began with a snowman breakfast.  Yummy!  (they also had orange with this)
We made wreaths (not to eat) and trees (those were to eat)

 And we got hot chocolate out of big kid cups!

 mmmm....mmmmm.... a few moments later she poured a bunch down teh front of her shirt, but she liked the hot chocolate.
 And then the fun really began....a shaving cream snow storm!

And after all that sugar, lunch needed to be healthy....crescent rolls with a sour cream/cream cheese topped with broccoli, cauliflower and tomato!

And yes, it was worth every minute.  Emily hasn't hardly stopped playing with her baby doll stuff....she immediately went and got her baby, put it on the changing pad and put a diaper on it. How cute!  WEll, except right now she's not playing with it, she's going through my undies which means I should quit writing and stop her!  (and if anyone wants the full day in photos let me know, I took close to 70!)

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Tara said...

yes please...i would like photos :-)