Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Christmas Challenge

Emily woke up in the middle of the night last night and it took a while to get her back to sleep, so I had some time to think.  I thought of our Christmas program we did many years ago...I dont remember the name of it, but the gist was there was a church Christmas party and the kids all drew names to get another child a gift and one little girl was in an orphanage and only had one toy, a little lamb her father had given her many years before that she held to as her best friend, but because she didnt have anything else to give she gave away the little lamb and in the end the other kids all learned the meaning of Christmas and that it is defintiely the thought in a gift.  I could still sing some of the songs from that musical, we had fun doing it, although I never have figured out why we were lip syncing instead of just saying our parts, but regardless it was fun.  Well, that thought led to a thought of all the kids in orphanages this Christmas that aren't simply part of a play, they dont have anything or anyone.  And I held my daughter wishing we could do something to make this Christmas a little brighter for them.  I'm not rich, I simply don't have the funds to create a magical Christmas for lots of kids, but I can spend a little and make one child's Christmas a little better...the question is, Can you?  If all of us chip in, that magical feeling of Christmas that lights up the eyes of children, might reach to these children that need a bright spot.  How are we going to do this since Christmas is next week you ask?  Ok, so I am a little behind (only had the thought at 330 am) and we are actually too late for some places requested donations, but maybe they could still make them work for Christmas (this is a new idea but wanted to throw it out to you as soon as possible)  Tomorrow just happens to be free shipping day (never knew this existed but heard it on the radio monday) and supposedly over 1000 online retailers will be offering free shipping to arrive by Christmas.  To see what stores are participating, check out  some may still have a minimum purchase but many are free on any purchase.  So tomorrow, go online, make a purchase and have it sent to a children's home.  It doesnt have to be expensive.  I am working on getting information from the two places that came to mind early this morning....the Missouri Baptist Children's Home (homes throughout Missouri0, and the Southern Christian Home located in Morrilton, AR.  So what I'm thinking is send a gift to one of these places.  Even if they dont make it in time for Christmas, they always need things.  My target is the one that the church I grew up in always used, the Missouri Baptist Children's Home Hutchens Campus located at 603 North Main, Mt. Vernon, Missouri  65712.  As far as I can tell you can either donate to the main office in Brighton and they distribute statewide or you can donate to the individual locations, which since we are short on time might be the best way.  Most of the kids are 11-18 there, and at Mt. Vernon there are 42 kids.  With a little help, can we give every child there a gift?  That takes 41 people to help me. if you need an idea of what to send.  I know you have all been inundated with donation requests this time of year, and time is precious, so this is totally a personal thing if you want to help, I just feel as though God placed this idea in my head and the means to make it reality, so with 10 minutes and $10, I'm going to help a child this Christmas.  If you feel like joining me, you can post this idea on Facebook, Twitter or any of those other sites.  Or for those of you living locally to Mt. Vernon, if you have a few minutes, go by and help them out this Christmas.  Just an idea.  And at the very least every single person reading this can pray for those kids this Christmas.

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