Sunday, December 12, 2010

2005 Silver Dollar City

In 2005 we all got season passes to Silver Dollar City and so we went regularly and tried to go at least once during every festival, including Christmas. I had to go back to Arkansas immediately after we left SDC the night we went for Christmas, but Blaine rode there with me. We were talking about Christmas and I asked him if he knew if was Jesus's birthday. And he said, "Yeah, do we celebrate it the whole month because Jesus is really special?" And we went on to talk about how Santa helps us celebrate Jesus and it was great to see the innocence of children that it wasnt complicated with the commercialism, it was all just because Jesus was special that he wants us to have such a great and long Christmas. Blaine, age 4, playing in the toy store.
Cameron, 1 1/2. The poor child was so bundled up he couldnt hardlly move.

Pretty Christmas lights at SDC

Playing with the trains.

Sitting on Santa. One of them wasnt too excited about it.

The other was very excited.


Tara said...

i love these pictures! thanks for posting them!

Mom said...

I don't remember ever seeing these pictures before.