Friday, December 10, 2010


The only Christmas I've ever had to work was 2004, and I can't complain, I volunteered for it. After all, I didnt have little ones at home and most of my coworkers did. But my dad was off and so they came down (they got to drive in teh snow this time) and visited. Yep, a good snowball fight was how I spent my workday.
And this has every appearance of a hike in the making.

And I can still see why people like a white Christmas....

this is about as pretty as it gets!

Boots was so much fun around Christmas. He loved the tinsel and ornaments and I will have to see if I can find the picture of him where he rolled in the powdered sugar. And that is the Christmas I had a fairly new sewing machine. In the background you can see the elephant and dog I made the boys (I also made a friends little boy a dinosaur....just think I could have sold them as pillow pets!)

And that is also the Christmas mom and I found really cheap clearanced wrappign paper....I wonder when I'll have to buy more? (still using it 6 years later and have at least 3 unopened rolls, but Emily has LOTS for Christmas this year so I may finally use most of it)
*Thanks to Mom for the pictures...not feeling too creative after spending all day with not terribly happy kiddos. Let's just say it could be a long winter!

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Tara said...

That was the only Christmas that I haven't gotten to spend with mom and dad. :-(