Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I was probably ten or so when I got Alberta. Alberta is about 3 foot long, fuzzy stuffed orangutan and I thought she was great! I think Grandma got her for me and our Christmas's back then involved going from having our little family Christmas, going to Grandma's for lunch, and finishing the day at my aunts. Well, I took this orangutan with me to my aunt's house and I'll never forget my cousin Megan, who was probably 2 or 3 at the time. She was terrified of the thing. She wouldnt go near it or near anywhere it was. I eventually had to take it back to the car, which was quite a feat because I believe that year we also had a lot of ice and so we'd had to park at the foot of the hill and walk up to their house. By the way, Emily is currently the owner of Alberta and she is still being loved.

By the way, I have promised a memory every day until Christmas, but unless someone else shares a memory or two we may be scraping the bottom of the barrel by Christmas eve! After all, there are 25 days in December until Christmas, and that is most of my memorable life!

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