Thursday, December 2, 2010


Christmas Eve 2007. Blaine was 6, Cameron 3. They lived next door to my parents at the time and Grandpa was at work. Neal and I were down and we'd spent all day (literally from the time we got up until this point) tracking Santa on NORAD. As you all know it gets dark fairly early on Christmas Eve. Well sometime shortly after dinner Santa made it to the US. So Neal, innocently, and without meaning to start anything says, "Hey Santa's in North America, he's getting close". This was exactly the words to send a 6 year old into panic on Christmas Eve. He was very worried that Santa wouldnt come because he was still at Grandma's and not asleep. Turned out, Grandpa called and luckily he catches on very quick. "Oh Hi Santa" and without even knowing the story, he played along well, talking to Blaine and reassuring him that he had time to go to bed. The kid was literally in tears, scared Santa wouldnt come. Anyway, after the phone call they rushed home. On the way home it about made us roll becaue Blaine said, "Santa must have a cold because he didnt sound like he did last year. He sounded a little like Grandpa" (Note, the previous year my dear mother stood outside their window and shook jingle bells and said Ho Ho Ho which sounded like....well, my mother trying to sound like Santa, use your imagination!) To this day he still believes in nine years old, his reasoning the other day for Santa existing. (Not sure the exact quote) but something to the effect of he's always gotten good gifts and they've been too broke to buy them so santa must exist:)

And another funny note to make you smile. My cousin took her 5 (I think) year old to JCPenney's the other day and on the way out gave her some money to put in teh Salvation Army bucket. The five year old comments "you mean we have to pay to leave this store!"

Oh to be that innocent again! Hope you are all enjoying Christmas.

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