Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Everything has a purpose

They say that everything in nature has a purpose and for most of the critters, it is easy to figure out. They take care of a smaller animal that may be considered a pest and/or they provide food for a larger animal. Earthworms keep the soil aerated so that things can grow. Squirrels help by planting acorns and then forgetting about them, resulting in new growth of trees. And then there are the animals we wonder, do they really do any good? Chiggers for instance. What good does a chigger do? Sure there is probably some small bug or bird that eats them, but there are millions of less itchy little bugs out there to fill that spot. I've always wondered exactly what good is a chigger. (please let me know if you have the answer to this.)

Snakes however, are one that many people despise but that I kinda like. I don't care much for mice, and snakes can eat a lot of mice. Snakes can also provide a lot of laughs. How many times have you gotten a chuckle after scaring someone with a rubber snake. Or had a UPS man back quickly up to the door when he realized that thing in your hand is actually a live snake? Or maybe you have seen my families infamous "Snake Video" when a long black snake got in the house in 1997. To make a long story short, the snake ended up leaving by the way it came in with my father standing on the washing machine singing, "The hills are alive..." So snakes are good creatures, just don't pick up a venemous one!

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Anonymous said...

Hey you forgot to say that I was also helping the snake to get out the window while I was singing. He wasn't going by himself. (and the rest of you weren't much help. especially you with the video camera) :)