Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No Room

This past weekend we went to visit my parents for Easter. We loaded the four-wheeler in the back of the truck, all of our stuff, including the dog and cat, in the back seat. It was pretty much full. So the dillema will begin around November, when we travel, where are we going to put the baby? And supposedly (although since I've never had one I don't know) babies require a lot of stuff for themselves.... So we are trying to figure out exactly what we should do. If the weather is decent we can always put stuff in the back of the truck, and sometimes we take the car. Of course there is always the option of simply taking less stuff.

We do have a room for the baby at home, although it will have to be cleaned out because it is currently my craft room. And then there are some things in there that I have not used in the year since we moved here, and we have several things in storage that could easily disappear, so I am considering a late spring garage sale. Getting paid even small amounts to get rid of stuff I never use sounds like a wonderful idea!

Sorry, no pictures again today...more coming soon!

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