Thursday, March 27, 2008


Do you ever wonder how exactly you ended up with so many hobbies...hobbies that you rarely have time to participate in? There are many things I absolutely love doing, kayaking (just had a dream about that as a matter of fact), hiking, backpacking, target shooting, four-wheelin, none of which do I ever do based from my house. Then there are those little hobbies I around the house that I really enjoy if I can ever find the time to do them that take much less time than the others. I enjoy sewing, quilting, candlemaking, soapmaking, embroidery, cooking and gardening. I do actually use my stove once per day to make dinner, but to actually get out a recipe and cook, that doesnt happen too often. I'm not real sure what I fill my free time with. I'm not at all a TV addict, and I haven't read a book since we were on our cruise. But of course, I'm sure I have more free time now than I will in a few months, so I'm going to just sit back, and enjoy whatever hobbies I can before I have to rearrange my entire house, moving my crafting stuff all out of the central location to make room for the baby.

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