Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rain and Waterfalls

Yesterday was an incredibly dreary Monday. It rained all day, but at least it was rain and not snow. Rain is spring-like, even if it was a little on the chilly side. Rain makes waterfalls run with lots of water, however there aren't too many waterfalls around here so I have to go looking in other places for them. One of my favorite waterfalls is Cedar Falls.
It could be because that was my park for 4 years. It could be that it is just a really neat waterfall. It is approximately 95 feet high, although I dont think anyone has officially measured it. The hike to the bottom is only 2 miles round trip, so although it is a little steep, it is doable, even for little guys. My oldest nephew was on trails from the time he could walk.

Hiking wore the little guy out...it was time for a nap when he returned!

And he did most of the walking. Since we were in places where there were cliffs that could be dangerous for little feet, we put him on a leash.
He thought it was great because the only time the "leash" ever came out was when he was going to do something fun, like hike to a waterfall. So for those of you in areas with abundant waterfalls, get out, take some pictures and send them to me...I love waterfalls. (Rain also makes rivers like the Buffalo flow well where I love to go kayaking!)

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