Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Things Kids Say

My mother recently made a skunk costume for me for work. She showed it to each of my nephews and at different times, without hearing the other's response, she asked them what it looked like. The six year old responded, a skunk. The three year old's answer...a costume.

While visiting us last year we took the boys to the zoo. The oldest, five at the time, goes excitedly up to the meercats in their exhibit and excalims, Hey, I've seen your movie!

That same trip the five year old and my husband had been playing a war game on the computer that morning. When a black-hawk helicopter flew over, he innocently asked, "Is it one of ours?" In the absolute middle of the country, I sure hope so!

When the oldest was 4, he went to the park with me and the dog, Kendall. After being there a while, he asks, "Why is her name Kendall Come?"

When playing my husband was joking with my oldest nephew, who had just finished telling him a windy story. My husband says, "You're lying." The kids response, "I'm not a lion, I'm a bear!"

Recently the husband of the three year olds day care teacher passed away. A couple days ago when it was storming the three year old asks his mom, "Do you think God is letting Mrs. Christy's husband play the drums?"

Over the years, those two have said some pretty funny and cute things. Too many to write all of them down in one short post. I kinda felt like I was writing for Country Woman magazine in the section about what kids say:)

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