Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Raccoon Saga Continues

The raccoons getting in the house was only the beginning of the raccoon adventures that week. While we were camping in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, we were getting ready to have s'mores. We'd eaten dinner a while earlier when Mom stood up and said, "I think its time." The raccoons must have been listening because right as she said it four raccoons came around the tent right up to our campsite.
Raccoon enjoying a piece of chocolate
They ate the chocolate I dropped on the ground. They scratched on the back of the chair when only Daddy was up. They were definitely campground coons and used to people. While we were camped there a couple of days, we saw these raccoons making their rounds through the campground. Then we went on to a state park just outside of Lake Charles, Louisianna. We had mixed up cornbread for dinner that evening with a wooden spoon. We hadn't gotten it rinsed off yet when a raccoon appeared. He jumped right up on that table and grabbed that spoon. Dad tried to get it away from him, so the raccoon ran up the tree. He sat on a branch and continued to lick off the spoon while Dad tried to reason with him to give the spoon back.
Look at the right side, you'll see the spoon we got back!
This went on until the raccoon had licked all of the cornbread off the spoon and then he threw it at Dad. He missed, but it was still incredibly funny. It's those little unpredictable things that keep life exciting:)


Anonymous said...

Coons! I think that's what scattered my trash again night before last.


buckatwos@gmail.com said...

Just catching up on your blog. That is so funny!!!! Reminds me of the welfare crows that hang around PJ.

Glad you are feeling better today!!!
The Park Wife