Saturday, March 29, 2008

Made of towels

If you've ever been on a cruise ship, you know about the fascinating creatures that are awaiting you in your room every evening. I decided this time around I would take pictures of each of them for whatever reason. Have you ever tried to make a towel animal yourself? I haven't, I dont hardly even have time to fold towels lately, let alone make them into cute little critters! But it could be fun. So, today, imagine you are returning from an evening out and about on the cruise ship (dinner, mini-golf, etc) to your room.
Day 1
A puppy dog. Curled up on the bed with all the next day's information.
Day 2
A swan was on our bed. The critters always had mints (I still have lots of those mints actually!)
Day 3
A bat flew into the room....Most of the critters wore sunglasses. Maybe that is why they make the critters in the evenings, no one is actually wearing their sunglasses after dark.
Day 4
We kept wondering when the monkey would appear. It had a mint in its mouth, but it looked more like it had a mint up its nose.
Day 5
The elephant. We were able to move him to the counter and he stayed with us the rest of the cruise. Most of the others fell apart.
Day 6
After all the wonderful critters, the stingray on the final day was a little disappointing. I know I could make that one, it was just a towel folded square with a tail that was a rolled up washcloth.
I hope you have enjoyed the evening suprises on the cruise ship. Have a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are having fun on the cruise. Yes, the towel animals are so cool. Always exciting to come back and see what animal is on your bed (you know what I mean!!!). The book on towel origami I got on the cruise was horrible. Try the DVDs from

I think you'll like them a lot.