Monday, March 17, 2008

Pet inventions

I woke up after having a strange dream about litter boxes which started me thinking. I'm amazed sometimes when I search online just to see what kind of new and interesting pet products are available these days. Of course, every kind of toy imaginable for cats, dogs, ferrets, and hamsters. Deluxe bed accomodations that in reality are probably every bit as comfortable as the bed where you sleep every night. Playthings that could fill up an entire room of the house. And you can even buy a system that will teach your cat to use the toilet, eliminating the need for the litter box. Remember the movie, "Meet the Parents"? On that movie the cat was toilet trained, but I haven't ever met a real cat that has succeeded in using the toilet. If only the training system didn't cost $100! Think of the money and time one could save without having to purchase litter and clean a litter box! But if you think your cat is not going to go for the toilet training, then they also make self-cleaning litter boxes, an investment I have definitely considered. But since BootsKitty is 20 pounds, I'm pretty sure I would have to go up to the mega, just so he would actually potty INSIDE it. I dont think the litter box reaches into the floor and scoops up messes. And then he's diabetic which makes him go potty more than an average cat, so I would need the one that is designed for multiple cats, all in all a $150 litter box. My question is, I know what the advertisements say, but I've never met a REAL cat that has used the self-cleaning litter box either. Do they really work or do you still have to go in and manually clean it all the time to keep it functioning properly. So if you have used one let me know....I'm interested in the results! I can't laugh at people that spend a lot of money on their pets, I have an incredibly spoiled dog and a cat that is equally as spoiled that requires the purchase of special food, insulin, and insulin syringes. Oh the things we do for our pets.....

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