Friday, March 7, 2008

Spring is Coming, Isn't It?

I am so tired of winter. My husband stated back in November he hoped we had a lot of snow that he could plow this year. He meant a lot of snow at one time. God didn't. He meant a little snow, many times! So this winter has been long. I now understand why people go south for the winter when they retire. But I'm looking forward to spring. It really will come. I love the flowers, the greening of everything, the nice weather! and most importantly all of the fun activities that can be done in the spring. We like to take our fourwheeler out to play. I love backpacking, and my kayak misses me, and hiking in general is great in the spring. And then a wonderful activity I've actually only done once, but rock climbing is incredible! Waterfalls, even seasonal ones are usually beautiful. For those of you with beautiful flowers blooming already, I'm jealous! But within a month we should have our own flowers. I did notice the dogwoods the other day. The buds were swelling like they are also preparing for spring and will bloom soon.

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