Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another interesting visitor

I had forgotten about it, but Mom reminded me the other day about another interesting visitor to their house. I must explain first however that my parents house is a basement house which basically means the back is underground. So the windows at the back are small, perfect for the family cat to go in and out of. So this one particular day I was talking to my Mom on the phone. She squealed, evidently dropped the phone and all I hear is, "Drop it! Drop it! Drop the duck!" Ok, the first two drop its had me a little concerned. Who was in the house and what did they have? The final statement drop the duck, just simply left me confused. By this time Dad had come into the room. He was laughing and retrieved the phone my mother had discarded as she yelled for the duck to be dropped. My first question was, "Did she just say drop the duck, as in quack, quack?" He assured me that in fact, that was exactly what Mom had just said. A simple explanation to what had happened. The cat, not an exceptionally large cat, just a cat, had returned to the house via the window he always used, except he was not alone. In his mouth he carried a full-grown, very much alive, green-winged teal. She was able to get the cat to let it go, then she had to catch it, then she took it down to the pond and it flew off. How the cat caught the duck, no one has ever figured out.....

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure all families don't have these same stories????