Thursday, March 6, 2008

From Enemies to Best Friends

For anyone that has many conversations with me, you know about our miniature schnauzer, Kendall. I just can't help but bring her up in conversation. Kendall was my husband's dog before we ever met. The first time her and BootsKitty met, it wasn't a pretty sight. Actually they didn't like each other the entire time we dated. Remember Boots is a diabetic cat, and where I go, he goes, and Kendall is a dog so where my husband went, she went. Which meant that every time we saw each other we each had a pet in tow. Right after we returned to my parents to retrieve the cat after our honeymoon, we left them alone while we went to church. At that time they wanted nothing to do with each other...or should I say Boots wanted nothing to do with Kendall. She thought everyone should be her friend, even the cat that striped her nose. So, we went to church and returned to find them sitting side by side. It was as if they were saying, ok, since this is obviously permanent I guess we will have to deal with it. We've come to a truce. Now, nearly two years later, they are best buddies. They love to wrestle and chase each other. And sometimes I think they team up to get into things although that is when no one is looking so I'm not real sure. Who would have ever thought that one curious, energetic, silly schnauzer and a cat could be best friends? But I'm glad they are, it makes it much nicer when I have happy pets!

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