Monday, March 3, 2008

Meet BootsKitty, One Lucky Cat

From the start, Boots has been a very lucky kitty cat. You see, the way his life started out was with a mamma that nobody wanted and had dumped at a State Park in Northeast Arkansas. So of course, no one wanted the kittens to love either. These cats ran wild through the park and the story goes that Boots was just a little wilder than the others. One day a visitor to the park asked if they could try to trap the cats so she could take them home and let them be barn cats to eat the mice out of her barn. The park thought that was a great idea so they set out to capture the cats. They caught them all, except for one really wild one. A couple days later the park superintendent's mother was sitting on her back porch in the park when one "wild" black and white cat came and jumped up on her lap. It turns out that Boots wasn't really that wild, he was just going for a life of luxury instead of a barn cat's life. So since the superintendent already had two dogs and two cats and no room to really keep another cat, my phone rang. I had just gotten a full time job and moved into my first house. Since I was all alone I was going to get a pet anyway, so when I got a call saying there was a little kitten needing a home, I adopted him. For the first couple months that Boots and I lived together it required adjustment. He wanted to sleep in my bed, which was fine, but when he would wake up in the middle of the night he would crawl up around my head and chew on my hair, right at the roots. Not a very fun way to be woken up night after night, so Boots was banished from the bedroom. Then I had to be gone for a week and felt bad cause he'd been lonely and let him back in and he's not tried that again. So time passed and BootsKitty became very important to me. If I cried he'd lay beside me and soak up my tears. We played all the time. And he grew. Then one day I about 3 years ago I came home from a weekend camping and found my kitty so sick he couldnt even lift his head. I rushed him to the vet as fast as I could get there, crying the whole way. When I got him there, the prognosis was not good. He had a major urinary tract blockage, which they didnt know if they'd be able to clear or not. I had to leave him overnight with the vet and when I called the next morning he was doing better but was still pretty sick. They let me visit him and I think it was two days later I got to bring him home, with a new diet plan. He was to eat only this food for urinary tract problems. So we made it through that, he returned to being a healthy cat. Then two years ago, about a year after the urinary problems, BootsKitty wasn't acting quite right so it was back to the vet. He was diabetic. Severely. His blood sugar was in the 580 range, when it should have been right around 100. So after 6 weeks of trying to regulate his blood sugar, we got it under control, but now, my cat has to have insulin shots two times every day. No more leaving the cat behind, he goes too, wherever we go, or otherwise we have to get a babysitter. And yes, he has his own "tent" for camping. I guess maybe God knew Boots would need that extra bit of love and that's why he was never captured for a barn cat.

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